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SFL Workshop 1&2
SFL Workshop 1&2

SFL Workshop 1&2


Hasan Kalyoncu University School of Foreign Languages aspires after creating a supportive, collaborative and encouraging environment for its academic staff in order to provide them with chances to develop their teaching methodology skills, classroom management policy and theoretical information related to their interest areas. To be able serve these purposes, the SFL established Continuous Professional Development (CPD) unit organizes seminars, workshops or other professional development activities, and in order to increase academic achievement, it continues conducting in-service training activities in order to develop in-class lesson materials and to implement them creatively.

Aimed to contribute to the academic development of the SFL academic staff, a workshop titled “How to Develop and Add Creativity to Unconventional Learning Materials” was held by Lecturer Baraa SABE, SFL Continuing Professional Development Unit coordinator.

The academic staff of the School of Foreign Languages will continue to carry out national and international educational activities by increasing the academic and professional efficiency through similar workshops, seminars and conferences that will continue in the upcoming days.

The 2nd  workshop was held by Baraa SABE, HKU SFL Continuing Professional Development Unit Coordinator, on "How to motivate and engage learners in classrooms". This workshop emphasized the importance of student motivation in the language learning process, how to increase the motivation in the classroom and the participation of the students in the course.