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EnglIsh Preparatory Program SyllabI
EnglIsh Preparatory Program SyllabI

EnglIsh Preparatory Program SyllabI


The SFL organizes an academic year for an English Preparatory Program that is divided into three terms. The first term consists of an 18-week period. The first week of the term is allocated for an orientation program organized for all the students at HKU. 15 weeks are allocated for teaching and 2 weeks are spared for Mid-Term Exams (MTE) and End of Term Exam (ETE). The second term is formed with a 16-week period. 14 weeks are allocated for the teaching process while 2 weeks are spared for MTE and ETE. And the third term consists of 6 teaching weeks which is followed by ETE.

In EPP, the students are provided an extensive language education in five levels which are Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced and four modules which are Module A, Module A+, Module B and Module B+. Each level is composed of 26 hours of teaching per week except for Intermediate level for Non-ELT group which is 24 hours of teaching.