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HKU-Oxford CPD Seminar II
HKU-Oxford CPD Seminar II

HKU-Oxford CPD Seminar II

How to teach receptive skills?
The aim of this seminar by School of Foreign Languages and Oxford University Press was to focus how to teach receptive skills by merging reasons and motives as the starting point for developing reading and writing practice activity for students. Ally Kensington from Oxford University Press also focused on reading and writing skills and analyses what makes a good reading and writing activity.
How to assess productive skills in the classroom?
She also focused on the different aspects of assessment. What is the main reason of assessing as well seeing different assessment criteria and creating own “needs based” speaking evaluation sheet. How to do assessment in the classroom, how to arrange right setting and what questions must be prepared”.
Error correction
Another aim of this seminar was to understand what the pros and cons of error correction are, what the codes are and what the on-the-spot correction techniques are.