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About Us

The mission of the School of Foreign Languages is to prioritize continuous professional development of its teaching staff who provide our students with excellence in language teaching through Hybrid model that they need both in their academic studies and professional lives by inspiring them to become global citizens who are equipped with a deep understanding of multicultural exchange of global values, and to enable our students to become innovative, proactive, enterprising and digitally literate individuals who can lead their communities with a sense of social responsibility.

In consideration of our mission, the vision of SFL is to be a leading language teaching centre which aims to keep up with the latest trends for excellence in language teaching, offer contemporary educational services to our students through partially digitalized perspective, encourage them to become autonomous language learners with intercultural awareness, and enable them to be global citizens who can communicate and collaborate with, and connect to, the globe by adopting 21st century skills and accepting challenges.

About Us

School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Hasan Kalyoncu University has provided high-quality language education service to the students at an international level since its foundation, September 2010. The students taking their education at School of Foreign Languages study for four terms in which Elementary,Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced classes are conducted.

With the motto Teaching for Real Life“, the School of Foreign Languages relates language teaching to real life situations by creating natural interactive environments in the classroom.  Our School creates a supportive learning environment to make students’ learning meaningful, useful and enjoyable.

Features of our English Preparatory Program include:

A learner-centred program tailored to students’ evolving learning needs,
Highly qualified and internationally experienced staff who tailor courses for students’ enjoyment and success,
Integration of computer technology into teaching through computer-assisted language learning (CALL),
Carefully selected textbooks and materials,
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs to prepare students for their departments,
Close monitoring of student progress through an effective advising system,
Orientation program both for the instructors and the students,
Speaking clubs and debate groups,
A learning environment to foster critical and creative thinking,

Hasan Kalyoncu University is an English medium university and the students are encouraged to learn at least one foreign language. Some other courses related to languages are given as selective courses at the departments. The academic departments at Hasan Kalyoncu University are divided into two main groups in terms of their language of instruction. Four departments of Engineering Faculty, department of Political Science and International Relations, Department of International Trade and Logistics, Aerospace Engineering, and ELT department use 100% or 30% English medium of instruction, whereas the courses in other departments are conducted entirely in Turkish. Therefore, all students who wish to study any English medium departments are required to sit for SFL Proficiency Exam if they do not have the equivalent proficiency score from exams such as TOEFL, Pearson PTE and YDS which are determined by the HKU Senate. If successful, students go on doing their studies in their respective faculties without having EPP.  Students who are not able to pass the SFL Proficiency Exam or do not have required score from the pre-determined exams are required to attend and successfully fulfilled the requirements of English Preparatory Program provided by the SFL.

The SFL organizes an academic year for an English Preparatory Program that is divided into four terms. The first half consists of an 18-week period. The first week of the term is allocated for an orientation program organized for all the students at HKU. 15 weeks are allocated for teaching and 2 weeks are spared for Final Exams (ETE). The second half is formed with a 16-week period. 14 weeks are allocated for the teaching process while 2 weeks are spared for Final Exams (ETE).

In EPP, the students are provided an extensive language education in five levels which are Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced. At Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels, students follow an integrated skills course that is supported with writing course and listening & speaking course. At Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced levels, students are offered with skill-based courses in order to provide a chance to develop each of their skills significantly. Following their skill-based courses, students are offered ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses in their field of study to create an educational bridge between SFL and their departments.

In order to fulfil the requirements of EPP successfully, a student studying ELT department must complete Advanced level with an average of 70% or higher or pass SFL Proficiency and Placement Exam that is conducted once a year (at the beginning of academic year). Each level is completed with an average of 70% or more as well. A student studying other departments must complete Upper-intermediate level with an average of 65% or higher or pass SFL Proficiency and Placement Exam that is conducted once a year (at the beginning of academic year). Each level is completed with an average of 65% or more as well.