• 14:00 to 17:30
  • School of Foreign Languages, SFLB1 Reading Hall
SFL Quality Policy and Strategic Plan Workshop


2018-2019 4th Term SFL Students List and Timetables

Dear SFL Students, 2018-2019 4. Term SFL Students List and Timetables are given on the links below. Lessons at Prep School starts on Monday (01.04.2019) at 10.50. Click for Timetables Click for Students List

For those who take İngilizce II and İngilizce IV classes

For those who take İngilizce I and İngilizce III classes The content and acoounts have been activated fo those students who take English II and IV classes online on English Central distance learning platform. The percentages of online and written exams; Online Platform Activities %40 Mid-Term(Written exam) %25 Final (Written exam) % 35 For account information […]

Application List for Abroad English Education Program

Dear Students, The list of students who applied for “Study in England and USA” program financed by Hasan Kalyoncu University Rectorate is as below. We wish you all success. Tablonun tamamı için sola kaydırınız 2 Terms Avarage Student No Name Surname PERMANENT 1 90,18 181502012 SUAT GÜRBÜZ 2 89,90 181703012 AYLİN AKASLAN 3 89,20 181503011 MUHAMMED […]

2018-2019 2. Term Sfl Students List

Dear SFL Students, 2018-2019 2. Term SFL Students List is given below. Lessons at Prep School starts on Monday (03.12.2018) at 10.50.  Click for Lesson Plan ELEMENTARY 1 1 DIDEM POLAT GÜNEY 2 FATIMA FALLAHA 3 GÖKHAN DURAKOGLUGIL 4 SADIK UMUT MUTLU 5 AHMET KIRAZ 6 ABDULLAH ABDULMECID 7 RESLAN KAPLAN 8 BERAT DURMUS 9 […]

Sfl Self-Study Packs And Audio

Dear SFL Students, We have prepared a self-study material pack for you. You can get your pack at Soyupek Kirtasiye on the campus and here is the audio file of the pack. Note:You will be directed to a new web page,, to download the file.                    […]