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Director’s Message

Director’s Message to Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to Hasan Kalyoncu University where your dreams will come true. On behalf of the SFL Academic Staff, I would like to congratulate you all for your achievement. You are now a valuable member of our big family. The SFL has provided you with an extensive language program at an international level in order to develop your language skills and knowledge which will enable you to do your studies at your respective departments in the target language.

You should think of this year as a first step or the beginning of a process that will enhance the quality of your academic life and career and provide you with national and international opportunities that you may not even imagine. Always remember that your success in the future depends on what you invest today. That is why, you should wonder, search and feel the pleasure of learning something new and beautify your future.

Wish you all success and a fruitful academic year.
Best regards,

Director’s Message to Staff

Dear distinguished members of the SFL,

As the management of the SFL, we are so pleased to league together with you as a collaborative, innovative and pro-active academic staff with the intention of providing an internationally recognized high-quality language program. We feel more determined and stronger with your participation in our teaching team thanks to your qualifications, experiences and contributions.

Our expectation from you is not only to equip our students with the required language skills and knowledge in order to go on doing their studies in the target language in their respective departments but also to protect and contribute to the improvement process of moral values of our valuable students as we believe knowledge makes sense when it is used for the benefit of humanity and our future. That is why being an educator and touching the students’ lives make our job precious. Within this period, you will always be supported by the management of the SFL to conduct all the instructional activities professionally, properly and efficiently.

On the behalf of the management, I wish you all success and a year full of good memories.
Best regards,


Lecturer Mehmet Salih YOĞUN
Director, School of Foreign Languages