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Prep Class TERM 4 MTE Exam Announcement

The Mid-Term Exam for TERM 4 is planned to be held on April 22 2022. The exam will be held FACE-to-FACE in a single session. Here below are the details;                          22 April 2022    FRIDAY INTERMEDIATE UPPER-INT and ADVANCED 09.30 – 11.30 09.30 […]

Prep School TERM 2 End-of Term Exam Announcement

As announced on our web page on 21st January 2022, the 2nd Term End-of-Term Exam will be held FACE-TO-FACE on 3-4 February 24, 2022.  The exam will include WRITTEN EXAM and ORAL EXAM sessions. Below you can see the details.  Also, students are required to submit their Writing Portfolio Files to their teachers on Thursday […]

TERM 2 END-OF-TERM EXAM Announcement

Due to the heavy snowfall and the updated bad weather conditions; PREP SCHOOL 2nd TERM END-OF-TERM EXAM scheduled to be held on Monday/Tuesday, January 24/25, 2022 will be held on February 3/4, 2022 at the earlier announced time. The 2nd TERM MAKE-UP EXAM will be held on February 5, 2022. For your Information, Hasan Kalyoncu […]

Online Classes on Thursday (20.01.2022)

Dear SFL Students, Due to the bad weather conditions, the Prep School classes will be done online on OYS ( platform on Thursday (20.01.2022) at the given time on the timetable. By the way, you are supposed to submit your Writing Portfolio files to your teachers on Monday (24.01.2022). Wish you all success with your […]

The Notice on English File Online Study

The due date for the English File Online Study is 21.01.2022, 23.59. After the stated date and time, they will not be able to do the online activities. So, the activities done until that time will be evaluated only. Please share this info with your students. Click here for more details.

Term 2 End-of-Term Exam Announcement

As stated in the academic calendar, the 2nd Term End-of-Term, which is planned to be held on January 24-25, 2022, will be held FACE-TO-FACE for all our classes on January 24, 2022 only, considering the pandemic conditions. The exam will include WRITTEN EXAM and ORAL EXAM sessions. Below you can see the details. Good luck,

Term 2 Mid-Term Exam Announcement

The School of Foreign Languages Term 2 Mid-Term Exam will be held face-to-face on 24 December 2021. The WRITTEN exam will include the first 4 weeks’ content of the 2nd Term, and it will have 20% effect on the passing grade. Below you can see the details.