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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for students to pass their departments without being able to complete the EPP?

The students whose departmental courses are conducted 100% or 30% in English have to complete the EPP in order to be able to pass their departments. The students studying ELT Department have to complete Advanced level while the students from other departments have to complete Upper-intermediate level.

I studied English Preparatory Program at a different university before. Do I have to study again?

The ones who studied EPP at any university in Turkey in last 3 years at least do not have to take Proficiency Exam or study EPP again on the condition that they prove their completion of required levels (Advanced level for ELT, Upper-intermediate level for other departments). These students have to submit their certificate and transcript to the SFL Secretarial at the beginning of the academic year. The ones whose applications are accepted can go on doing their studies in the departments without studying EPP again.

Do students have to register for the SFL Proficiency and Placement Exam?

There is no need for students to register for the exam. The students who are registered to the departments where the courses are conducted entirely or partially in English should take the exam. Those who don’t take the exam are placed in the lowest level.

How can I buy the books that will be used for EPP?

The students are able to buy the books from the publishers who will be at the SFL building for a few weeks or they can buy the books outside the campus as well. The students are required to get their materials as soon as possible in order to follow the lesson without any problem.

How can students get a document showing that they are studying at the SFL?

The students need to contact the SFL secretary and request the document. The SFL secretary provides the document in a short time. If the students want to get their student certificate, then they should apply to Student Affairs.

What happens if a student misses an exam?

The students are informed about the time and content of the exam at the beginning of each academic term by their main teachers. They are expected to be in the classroom on time. If students are not able to take Mid-term and End of Term Exams because of a valid reason, they should write a petition explaining the reason(s) of not taking the exam to the SFL Secretarial. The SFL management makes a decision after the evaluation of the petitions. For the Progress Tests, no justification is accepted. The SFL has make-up exam just for Mid-term and End of Term Exams.

What happens if a student fails in one level?

In EPP, the students are provided an extensive language education in five levels which are Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced. If a student fails in one of the levels, he/she will be required to complete that level in the fifth term, which means the system provides a chance for the ones who are not able to pass each level respectively. If a student can’t complete the EPP at desired time, then he/she needs to prepare for the Proficiency Exam that will be conducted at the beginning of following academic year.

What is the attendance limit for each academic term and what happens if the attendance limit is exceeded?

The students have to attend at least 80% of the courses for each academic term. The attendance limit is shared with the students at the beginning of each term by the main teachers. Students who exceed the attendance limit receive an automatic failing grade for the relevant academic term and have to repeat the level without considering their exam scores or module passing grade.

Is it possible to receive a medical report in order not to be marked as absent?

The students who are not able to attend the class because of some reasonable causes should only be marked present if they are given a special permission by the SFL management. Unless otherwise is stated, the students are marked as absent. The SFL management may consider medical reports of some serious illnesses.

What happens if a student is late for a course?

Nobody can be deprived of the education right. That is why the late comers are able to enter the classroom but they are marked as absent. The main criterion here is the teacher’s entrance to the classroom.

Is it possible to get in touch with the academic staff apart from the course period?

The lecturers are always reachable during their working hours, but it is preferable if the students get an appointment from their lecturer as they may have meetings or some other duties that they have to deal with.

Is it possible for a student to move to his/her department after the first term?

If a student is able to complete the required level, then he/she can move to his/her department even at the end of the first academic term.

What happens if the students do not bring their materials with them to the classroom?

It is for sure that in order to create an appropriate environment for teaching and learning process the students have to come to class with their materials required. Otherwise, it is highly possible to encounter with undesirable actions as the students do not focus on the course materials but something else. Without necessary materials, it is difficult for students to follow the course and do activities properly. That is why the students are required to bring their materials to the class in order to be successful.

Is it possible to ask for a classroom change?

The classes are arranged as a result of some academic reasons and purposes. That is why such demands are not met by the SFL management except for the extraordinary situations.

What is the procedure to lodge an appeal for the result of exams?

The exam papers are checked by three different lecturers to minimize the possibility of making a mistake in terms of marking, but still students may think that they receive a result below their expectation. In such cases, the students can write a petition to the SFL in which they mention about their comments, request or complaints. They need to submit the petition to the SFL secretary within 5 working days after the announcement of the results. They are given information about the result of their petition by the SFL secretary.