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Effective School Programme: SEIRD2020

Effective School Programme: SEIRD2020

For a more effective school, Hasan Kalyoncu University School of Foreign Languages seeks for opportunities and takes every advantage of educational, managemental and professional event.

In this context, SFL head of CPD unit, Inst. Baraa SABE attended the SEIRD2020, a 3-day event moderated by Deniz Kurtoğlu EKEN and sponsored by Oxford University Press in İzmir.

Key questions aimed to be explored in SEIRD2020 event:

  • What makes a school effective?
  • How can schools create a healthy climate of learning and development at all levels?
  • How can schools make a difference?

Key themes in SEIRD2020:

  • school effectiveness
  • academic management
  • teaching principles and effective teaching
  • formative feedback practices
  • classroom observation practices
  • assessment of teaching
  • CPD principles and practices
  • staff motivation
  • performance management and evaluation
  • research for institutional, professional and individual development