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SFL Strategic Plan Determination Workshop

SFL Strategic Plan Determination Workshop

By Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) School of Foreign Languages (SFL) Accreditation and Quality Commission a workshop entitled “School of Foreign Languages Strategic Plan Determination” was held.

HKU SFL aims to differentiate by giving importance to quality in foreign language education in accordance with international education-teaching standards. SFL discussed the strengths and the points need to be improved in departments that offer English education with the aim of continuously improving the quality management with annual audits. Having completed the international accreditation process for a record period in recent years, HKU SFL has been carrying out its works to continue this success rate.

SFL academic staff holding language education program, students who successfully completed their preparatory education and have been studying in their departments attended the workshop as well as all stakeholders including academic staff from related departments.

At the final stage of the workshop, opinions were received from all participants about the processes and sub-objectives of the determined strategic plan. SFL Director, Instructor Mehmet Salih YOĞUN, stated that with this workshop they brought together all the stakeholders who took an active role in the decision-making process.

The Director YOĞUN, thanked the participants for their support and shared invaluable suggestions. In addition, SFL Director also thanked HKU Rector. Prof. Dr. Edibe SÖZEN, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Yaşar ÖZBAY and HKU Quality Board for their initiative support and motivation.