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Evaluation and Reshaping of CPD Program

Evaluation and Reshaping of CPD Program

Hasan Kalyoncu University School of Foreign Languages continues to support the professional development activities of the School. SFL academic staff and the suggestions related to the areas determined were shared by groups.

In the second part of the workshop, SFL Director Inst. Mehmet Salih YOĞUN held a presentation on the working principles of the CPD Unit.

Some Topics Discussed in the Workshop:

  1. The need for a teacher development program
  2. Things planned
  3. Assessing teachers’ development needs
  4. Teacher development cycle
  5. Purposes of observation
  6. Types of observation
  7. Observation forms and process

With the invaluable contributions of the academic staff, our SFL CPD Unit aims to carry out activities in a more effective way.